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  1. Selected Works

    La Gran Drama-Tisch, Berlin 2021
    Cooking performance parade by LaLoVe´s Kitchen with Nowhere Kitchen and Soy Division collectives
    Supported by Fonds DAKU 

    Cooking A Drama: The LaLoVe´s Kitchen Anthology / research-residency project at Sari-Sari e. V; funded by Fonds DAKU -Berlin, 2021

    LaLoVe´s Kitchen: Latin Midweek-Drama Recipes / cooking and performance series at Sari-Sari Salon - Berlin, 2020-2019

    Everybody Can Be Everybody Can Not Be / a Jao Moon´s performance dance, dramaturgy by Lalo Gomes at Ballhaus Naunystraße funded by the State of Berlin, Senate Department for Culture and Europe -  Berlin, 2019

    Was Sehen Sie Auf Dem Bild? / visual photographic lecture-performance (German) as a part of Philosohpy Unbound #21 at Berliner Ring Theater - Berlin, 2018

    Wordholes / a performance mission-party series - Berlin, 2018-2016

    Love Kollaps / a live telenevola-performance series - Berlin, 2015-2014

    Hot Acts (Urban Rituals) / a performance series in private apartments with Pepe Dayaw on the Month of Performance Art - Berlin, 2013

    Situaciones (A)Dramáticas / a performance presentation with Geraldine La Madrid, Óscar Cornago and Liliana Álbornóz - Madrid, 2012

    Versos Sobre Acciones Sexuadas (Gallo-Gallina), a site-specific performance in the Asturian landscape at La Xata La Rifa Festival - Spain, 2011 

    El Patatero, a Pedro Alba´s performance project with contributions from various artists im the ACCIONMAD! festival at Matadero Madrid - Spain, 2011

    La (A) (N)ueva (A)Sociedad (A)Dramática (Trinomio del Ser Teatro) / a research project publication during the Performing Practices & Visual Culture MA - Madrid, 2012 

    Cuál es el papel del artista? (Meta Muestrario) / a durational installation performance at Matadero Madrid Cultural Centre, Spain - 2011

    La Casa Teatro, independent theater project / Maracaibo-Venezuela 2011-2009