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  1. Drawing: Carlos Luís Sánchez Becerra 2015

    Drawing: Carlos Luís Sánchez Becerra 2015

    Drawing-Portrait of Lalo Gomes by Carlos Luís Sánchez Becerra for the performance series "WOrdHOles" (2016).

  2. Lalo Gomes

    Live artist, multidisciplinary dramaturg and cultural cooker from Venezuela. Trained as theatrical actor, social communicator, performance practitioner and art researcher. Living in Berlin.

    Gomes has been working with self-produced and funded theatre, video, performance  for over ten years. His artworks have been constantly shape-shifting. The artist's pluralistic approach might be their common thread. His dramaturgy and research practices are conceptual, experiential, intellectual, emotional, organical, sociological, curatorial. His sprawling series of events, meanwhile, are as sociological as they are immersive. Each particular event is a gesamtkunstwerk of multilayered space-time narratives located between moderated happenings and open-ended parties.

    LaLoVe’s Kitchen is a cooking performance project by Lalo Gomes. Since 2019, it has been producing multiple series of events and engaging activities in collaboration with, among other Berlin-based artists and organisations, Pepe Dayaw, Jao Moon, Aerea Negrot, Pedra Acosta, Soy Division, Nowhere Kitchen, Sari-Sari e. V, Arts of The Working Class and Foodculture days.

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