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  1. 2013

  2. Dramaturging & Consulting: Theater, Performance, Media, Community and Curatorial Projects 

    €20.00/hr (or per arrangment)

    Everyone needs a saavy set of eyes and ears on their projects or application writing. That's what I do.

    Creative insider-outsider. Quality caregiver. Human mirror. I specialise in dramaturging and consulting performing, performance and visual art as well as research, community and cultural projects of all kinds. I will throughly feedback your work as far as concept, content and context go.

    Besides producing my own, I have been collaborating and contributing with my work for artists, practitioners and agents of various backgrounds in different countries for over twelve years. I will apply this experience to help you design, build and/or show your project in the best of lights. 

    Considering inviting me to bid on your job? Thank you! I love invites and accept many of them. Please be aware that I am unable to do w/o project timeframe. Or that a project is similar to a drama: both tend to have a beginning, development and ending. Whatever your project (or drama) stage, advance planning is key when discussing availability.